Helping the Homeless

Published On April 29, 2015 | By Amberli | Afternoons

I saw an amazing video last week.. it’s from last September actually, but still.. it’s an incredible story..
It’s about a man named Allan Law, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.. and Allan hands out sandwiches and necessities to people in need on the streets every single day. He has been doing this for over 12 years.

He does a lot of his work at night time because that’s when most shelters close. His Doctor told him he has to stop working at night.. and asked him if he’s still surviving on 3 or 4 hours of sleep.. and Allan says yes.. and his Doctor kept telling him it’s not good for him. He sleeps for a few hours every night, in his van. He hasn’t slept in a bed in 13 years.

He feels this is what he has to do for the rest of his life. He said if he was homeless, and somebody brought him a sandwich, he would be so thankful.

He is a wonderful man and it’s a wonderful story. Check it out!

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