Ridiculous Neighbour Complaint

Published On April 23, 2015 | By Amberli | Afternoons

Sometimes neighbours can be annoying..
Staying up partying late, blaring music, whatever.. well, an Arizona mom received an anonymous note from a neighbour last week that was a little ridiculous. It seems her son had been giggling too much when he was playing outside and this neighbour was upset because her dogs and bird would get excited watching him play outside from the window in their house.

She wrote this big long letter about how this boy’s laughter while he was playing outside was distracting and disrespectful. She even threatened to call the cops if it didn’t stop.


I don’t know about you.. but I love the sound of a child’s laugh. It’s contagious. And shouldn’t we be happy to see kids playing outside and having fun, instead of being cooped up inside in front of the TV or some other electronic device?

Check out the full letter and let me know what you think!


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