Black Bangle Cat

Published On October 22, 2015 | By 10kat | Lost Pet

This kitty’s name is Mr. Wayne. He’s about a foot and a half tall and he’s a black and grey bangle cat. We last saw him in early September. We believe he may have been taken from us and he was last seen out in the country somewhere outside of Wallaceburg. He is a wild cat, but he was our family pet! He always found his way back to the people who loved him. We let him roam free wherever he pleased, he never hurt anyone. He likes to have his ears tickled, his belly rubbed and to be pet starting at his head, ending at his tail. If you have or know anything about our kitty, please contact us. Dead or alive, he is a member of our family and no one deserves to have their pet be taken from them.

Contact Angen at (519) 627-3453

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