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Born and raised in CK, never thinking I’d get to host the morning show on CKSY. Grew up in the backyard of the radio station getting kicked out of the parking lot for playing road hockey. I got a key now suckers!

Besides hosting CKMornings every weekday, I also call all the Windsor Spitfire home games on TVCogeco. Go Spits!
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Ashleigh's Bio

I am not one for talking about myself but my boss says I have to… I was the type of kid who had no idea where she was going in life but that all changed one day after watching the movie Almost Famous. I decided I was going to be a big shot band manager, I applied to the Music Industry Arts program in London. Needless to say I was not accepted, I figured radio was a close second. I attended Fanshawe College and instantly fell in love with all things radio. Fast forward 10 years and here I am, just a sci-fi loving, green haired gal from a small town who gets to do what she loves every morning!








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