Q: Teenagers do this 5 times per day, the most of any age group…

Published On September 21, 2015 | By cmcleod | Mornings, Water Cooler Question

A: Lie.

Kids between 13 and 17 were more likely to lie and get away with it than any other age group.  The researchers think it’s because the frontal lobe of their brain hasn’t started deteriorating yet, so they were quicker on their feet than adults were.

The study also found that teenagers tell the most lies.  On average, people tell just over two lies a day, but 60% of teenagers tell around five.

Apparently you can trust your kids until they’re about ten years old though.  Kids between six and nine told fewer lies than any other age group.

And most six-year-olds aren’t great liars, so it’s pretty easy to catch them.

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