August 9, 2017

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1The monthly blood donor clinic is today at the Spirit & Life Centre from 1-7.

Book an appointment at, call 1-888-2-DONATE or just walk in. Lots of appointment slots are open.

Five Things - 2Another free concert in the park tonight with the Chatham Concert Band.

Show gets underway at 7:30 in Tecumseh Park. Musical theatre is the theme tonight.

Five Things - 3The most expensive home in America is now for sale for a cool $350 million and it’s the home of the Clampett family from The Beverly Hillbillies.

The 25,000-square-foot mansion is in L.A.’s Bel-Air neighborhood and it was used for the exterior shots of the Clampett’s mansion.

It was built in 1933, and it sits on 10.3 acres. It’s got a ballroom, a wine cellar, a 40-car garage, a tennis court, a 75-foot pool, a pool house, a guest house, manicured gardens, and a ‘formal salon,’ whatever that is.

Five Things - 4The New England Patriots became the first NFL team to buy their own planes to fly to games.

They actually bought two 767 Boeing wide-body jets and had them retrofitted with all first-class seats, some of which recline all the way.

The outside of at least one of the planes has the team logo, with their five Lombardi trophies printed on the tail.

Brand new planes like these could cost $200 million each, but used generally cost between $5 million and $65 million, depending on their mileage and condition.

Five Things - 5Two gurneys fell out of the back of a coroner’s van and into traffic in Olympia, Washington.

One of the gurneys had a body on it and was found in the middle of the intersection, while the second gurney rolled down a street and was found in a parking lot.

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