November 1, 2017

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1   It’s Movie Night at the Capitol.

Come by the Chatham Capitol Theatre tonight at 7 to see An Inconvenient Sequel.

It’s a documentary about former United States Vice President Al Gore’s continuing mission to battle climate change.

$5 cash at the door, concessions are available.

Five Things - 2iOS 11.1, the latest iOS update, is out this week for everyone to download.

It adds a couple of new things, starting with dozens of new emojis. Included in those are an orange heart, a Brachiosaurus, a swearing face, and a red scarf. There are 70 new emoji.

iOS 11 also comes with a bunch of bug fixes and security updates.

This update alone is a great way to foster adoption rate. Many people install new iOS updates so that they can see and send new emojis. You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to emojis.

In other news, Apple is bringing back a tiny feature that many people probably don’t use. You can force-press on the left edge of the screen to dim the current app and launch the app switcher again. The company has also added a new gesture. If you force-press on the left edge and swipe, you’ll go straight to the next app. This gesture is much more efficient than double-pressing on the home button.

Five Things - 3There will be a Game 7 in the World Series tonight. Winner take all.

The Dodgers won last night to stay alive against the Astros. Former Tiger Justin Verlander took the loss for the Astros.

It’ll be the first Game 7, and the first November game ever at Dodger Stadium.

Five Things - 4Ford has built itself a mechanical butt, dubbed the Robutt, which it uses to test its car seats.

Ford explains in a video how it covers its seats with a pressure sensitive mat to help understand how people get in an out of vehicles. They use this information to adjust the seat to make sure it’ll stay comfortable over its lifetime.

To test this, they deploy the Robutt — a stuffed torso fixed on the end of a robotic arm to sit on the car seat again and again and again.

Five Things - 5Salzburg, Austria has put airbags on lampposts to protect people who bump into them because they’re looking at their phones.

One in five pedestrians is reportedly at risk from a distraction caused by smartphones according to local research. 40% of the injured pedestrians were hurt because they were distracted at the time of the injury.

In China there are special sections of certain pavements that are reserved for people using telephones and walking at the same time, while in Honolulu anyone crossing the road and looking at their phone will be fined.

In the German city of Augsburg they have started putting traffic lights on the ground where they can be more easily seen by somebody staring at a smartphone.

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