January 12, 2018

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1Come out for some free family ice skating tonight at Erickson Arena from 4-5:30 thanks to Super Kids CK.

Free skating also in Tilbury (1-2:30) and Wheatley (3-4:30) on Sunday.

Five Things - 2With the rain and warmer temperatures this week Chatham-Kent police and the U.S. Coast Guard are warning about weakening and unstable ice on local lakes and rivers.


Five Things - 3An Edmonton Police tweet has gone viral.

Poor weather conditions caused 191 collisions yesterday in the city so they tweeted: “Edmonton is not a level in Mario Kart. Our roads are not race tracks. There is no winner. And if you slip off the road, a Koopa won’t lift your vehicle and put you back on track within seconds. It’s about safety, patience, and planning.”

Five Things - 4The Consumer Electronics Show continues in Las Vegas.

Yesterday Kohler unveiled a $6,000 toilet. The toilet has a heated seat, speakers, Bluetooth, a warm air dryer, a warm water cleanser, a foot warmer, a night light and an automatic seat. Wealthy people are reportedly clamoring for it.

LG unveiled their new robot assistant. But it wouldn’t answer any of their questions during the demonstration. Company spokespeople were left redfaced.

Five Things - 5Queen Elizabeth fired her bra fitter, after she mentioned her work for the royal family in her book.

The woman who wrote the book talks about fitting bras for a half-dressed Queen, who first started working with the company in 1960! The former bra fitter gave intimate details about her working relationship with other members of the Royal Family, including Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, and the Queen Mother.
The Rigby and Peller lingerie company had a Royal Warrant (basically a royal thumbs up) from the Royal Family for many years, until this book.

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