March 22, 2018

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Our monthly Chief Chat conversation with Police Chief Gary Conn and Fire & Emergency Services Chief Bob Crawford is this morning at 8:30.

Any questions for the chiefs, call 519-354-8684 or message us on Twitter or Facebook at 943CKSY.

The Maroons were shut out 4-0 in London last night and are now on the verge of elimination.

The Nationals lead the series 3 games to 2, game 6 is tonight at Memorial.

Let’s pack the barn and cheer on the home team!

Lasalle’s Luke Willson has signed with the Detroit Lions as a free agent.

The former Seattle Seahawk tight end grew up a Lions fan and says it’s a “dream come true.”

There’s a chance that an asteroid the size of the Empire State Building will smack into Earth on September 21, 2135, 117 years from now.

NASA considers the asteroid “small”

NASA scientists are coming up with plans to alter the path of the asteroid. One idea they’ve announced is a spacecraft – called HAMMER – that will protect Earth from rogue asteroids.

The odds of the asteroid hitting Earth are 1 in 2,700. Scientists have named the asteroid Bennu.

There’s a new travel company called Off the Grid, and they sell “phoneless vacation” packages. When you go on one of their trips, no phones are allowed and apparently, all of their vacations sold out almost immediately.

Their trips cost slightly more than what the trips would cost through a normal agency.

But if you don’t have the discipline on vacation to leave your phone at home or stay off of the hotel’s computers to check your work email maybe they’re a good answer.

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