June 7, 2018

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It’s Election Day in Ontario.

Polls will be open from 9 to 9.

Bring their Voter Information Card and proof of identity to vote. Examples of acceptable ID here. You can still vote without a Voter Information Card. You must show one piece of identification.

Thinking of taking a sweet selfie with your ballot? Don’t. Voters posting a picture of a marked ballot is not allowed.

Find your voting location here.

Follow BlackburnNews.com and @BlackburnCK on Twitter to keep updated on your local riding throughout the night.

The Chatham Kinsmen Spring Festival (formerly known as the Chatham Kinsmen Fair) opens today on Tweedsmuir.

Entertainment, games and rides. For a full schedule go here.

The Festival runs until Sunday.

Jet Blue is also cracking down on emotional support animals.

Travelers are only allowed to bring cats, dogs or small ponies on board for emotional support.

Jet Blue is also requiring three kinds of paperwork for people flying with an emotional support animal — including a note from a mental health professional, proof of a check-up from a veterinarian for the animal and a form that says the animal owner attests that the animal is fully trained.

The Washington Capitals have a chance to win their first ever Stanley Cup tonight.

Puck drops on Game 5 of The Stanley Cup Finals at 8 in Vegas. The Caps lead the series 3-1.

The sweet, soothing voice of Bob Ross can now read you a bedtime story.

Bob Ross — the famed painter and television host known for his soothing manner — is making his way back 23 years after his death in the form of a sleeping app.

The sleep and meditation app Calm has reworked three classic episodes of Ross’ PBS show, The Joy of Painting, and repurposed them “as calming bedtime stories for grown-ups.”

So far, one of Ross’ Sleep Stories is available on the Calm app, while two others will be released this summer.

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