July 13, 2018

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Friday night Movies in the Park hits Bothwell tonight.

Zootopia is tonight’s movie.

Stop by Bothwell’s Optimist Park at 6:30 for some free family activities. Movie will begin at dusk on the outdoor screen.

Thanks to community sponsors and partners, all afternoon and evening open swims at public pools across the municipality are free for the rest of the summer.

Times vary at each pool. Find the full pool schedules here.

Keep in mind, the Gable Rees Rotary Pool in Blenheim is closed until September 3rd to replace the liner.

It’s Friday the 13th!

A very bad day for those who suffer ‘triskaidekaphobia’ (fear of number 13) or ‘paraskevidekatriaphobia’ (fear of Friday the 13th).

Every year has at least 1, but never more than 3.

Hundreds and thousands of bikers and party-goers will hit Port Dover today.

For the first time in 44 years, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from the southeastern coast of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. The next one will be in 2080.

The next Friday the 13th isn’t until September of next year.

After this weekend there will be one Blockbuster video store still open in the U.S.

The Blockbusters in Alaska is closing on Sunday night, they’ll then reopen on Tuesday so they can liquidate their inventory.

Once they officially close, only one Blockbuster Video store will then be open in America. That store is in Bend, Oregon and they have no plans to close. There are, reportedly, a few open in Western Canada still.

A guy in India named Shridhar Chillal set a world record a few years ago for having the world’s longest fingernails. They’re on his left hand and the five of them combined are 358.1 inches (29ish feet)

Well, that world record is officially over, because he just got them cut. Guinness posted the video of someone using a mini circular saw to remove each nail.

The nails now have their own exhibit at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! in New York’s Times Square.

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