March 25, 2015

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1) Movie @ the Capitol – “The Theory of Everything” (the story of Stephen Hawking) March 25th at 7pm at St. Clair College Capitol Theatre.

Ticket Price: $5 or Flash Your Pass. for more info.Movie at the Cap

2) Under a Freezing Rain warning at the moment…

3) Facebook has a new feature called “On This Day” It shows your posts and photos from the same date in previous years. You can check it out at Now, you might remember back when Facebook rolled out a “Year in Review” feature and some people blasted them for including photos of past relationships and even friends who died. So they’ve learned and created a special algorithm for “On This Day” that filters out posts and photos that might show you things you don’t necessarily want to be reminded of.

4) A new video streaming site called Vessel launched yesterday, it lets you watch videos posted by YouTube stars three days BEFORE they get posted on YouTube. It costs $3 a month, but you get a year free and don’t even have to put a credit card on file if you sign up by Friday. Obviously it doesn’t work with all YouTube video.  But a bunch of YouTubers are already on board. It’ll also feature original content.  One of the first things they’re doing is a series where Alec Baldwin rides around in a taxi, giving people relationship advice. You can sign up for free at

5) Taco Bell is launching a new fried chicken biscuit breakfast taco. And their customers’ arteries are already hardening with anticipation!

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