March 27, 2015

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1) The Tilbury Skating Club year end carvnival is tonight at the Tilbury Arena (7pm) The Wallaceburg Skating Club‘s 60th Anniversary Ice Show is tomorrow at the Wallaceburg Memorial Arena (4pm)

2) Two giant garage sales tomorrow. In Chatham at the Spirit and Life Centre (formerly St. Joe’s Auditorium) and in Wallaceburg at the Wallaceburg Museum (8am-1pm)

3) This afternoon at 3:42PM ET, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will strap into a Russian rocket and kiss Earth goodbye for an entire year to live on the International Space Station. Meanwhile, his identical twin Mark, a retired NASA astronaut himself, will stay here on Earth. Both men will be tested during and after Scott’s year-long stay in space and their info will be compared.

4) Coke was the most popular soda in the USA last year (it’s number one EVERY year) Pepsi used to always come in second, then Diet Coke passed it back in 2010, and stayed there ever since. But now the numbers for 2014 are out, and Pepsi is back at number two.
The top 10 sodas in the US are: Coke. Pepsi. Diet Coke. Mountain Dew. Dr. Pepper. Sprite. Diet Pepsi. Fanta. Diet Mountain Dew and Coke Zero.

5) Arkansas just considered a law that would force you to friend your boss on Facebook.Their House of Representatives passed a bill last month that would allow employers to FORCE their employees to connect with them on social media. And it passed in a landslide; 91 yes votes, only one no. The Arkansas Senate wasn’t so hot on it. Thankfully they just killed the bill this week for being WAY too invasive.

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