April 24, 2015

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1) Gerry Dee tonight at the Kiwanis Theatre (7:30) Get tickets here.

2) Registration for this year’s girls minor softball season takes place tonight from 6:30-9pm and tomorrow from 10-2 at the clubhouse at Blythe Park on Tweedsmuir Ave. Cost is $85 for most age groups and $50 for girls 6 and under. For more info, call Dave at (519)401-2066.

3) Today the Apple Watch has its official launch in 9 countries worldwide after pre-orders began earlier this month. It features all-new technologies that promise to let you do familiar things more quickly and conveniently (ie: pay at a checkout). Oh, and it also tells the time … accurate to within 50 milliseconds.

In addition, when the battery is almost depleted, it kicks into ‘Power Reserve’ mode, shutting down everything but the time. Apple predicts 19 million people will buy the company’s first ‘smartwatch’.

I’m not sold on it, but this app may sway me…

Linkedin4) If your LinkedIn profile is chock-full of half truths about your degree and slight exaggerations about your past experience, you might want to look start telling the full truth. LinkedIn has bought a patented interactive fact-checking system that will put the facts you add to your profile through a lie detector test. For example, if you said you “won second prize in a beauty contest”, the system would check the results of the contest, and ask you for more information if it can’t instantly verify your claims. If it turns out that you actually didn’t place in the beauty contest, the idea would be to prevent you from publishing that false information.

5) Groupon has been selling discount packs of Durex condoms in Australia for the past month but it turns out they were counterfeit and defective. There’s a huge recall for them now and Groupon is offering refunds, but they didn’t say anything about paying for any accidental babies.

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