April 6, 2015

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1)11080007_866845393361755_1568649736290769858_n ICYMI: Chatham-Kent came up short in our bid for Hockeyville 2015. North Saanich, BC picked up 62% of the vote and will host an NHL preseason game. We did we win $100,000 in arena upgrades.

2) Baseball is back! It’s Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers and Toronto Blue Jays!

3) The NFL will reportedly have its first full-time female official this coming season. Her name is Sarah Thomas, and she’s a 41-year-old mother of three. The NFL hasn’t confirmed her hire yet.

4) Two giant pandas in China have broken the record for the longest mating session ever recorded, just hours after the male set the record with a different female. The marathon session between pandas Xi Mei and Lu Lu at the Sichuan Giant Panda Research Center on Friday lasted 18 minutes and three seconds. It followed an earlier eight-minute record-breaking session the previous day between Lu Lu and a female panda named Zhen Zhen. The sessions, broadcast on China Network Television’s iPanda website, came as welcome news because there are only 1,864 pandas in the world. Typically, copulation time between pandas is about 30 seconds to five minutes.(more…)

5) 85 years ago in 1930, Hostess Twinkies were invented.

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