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Published On April 24, 2015 | By cmcleod | CK Mornings Online, Mornings

Just one new movie showing this weekend at Chatham Galaxy Cinemas; The Age of Adaline.

The Age of Adaline  (PG)
Blake Lively plays a woman who somehow hasn’t aged for the past 80 years.  She keeps changing her identity so no one will figure it out.  Until the new man in her life takes her home to meet his parents, and Harrison Ford instantly recognizes her.

Little Boy  (PG)
After Michael Rapaport is declared a missing in action during World War II, some unlikely coincidences convince his 7-year-old son that he can bring his dad safely home from the war.  He just has to believe with all his heart and he can WILL it to happen.

The Water Diviner (14A) (Limited Release)
Russell Crowe directs and stars in this World War I movie.  He plays an guy who goes halfway around the world to search for his sons, after all three of them go missing in action on the same day while fighting the Turks.

Apart from a documentary and some short films, this is the first movie he’s directed.

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