May 26, 2015

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1ckplMovie @ Your Library 2pm today at the Chatham Branch of the C-K Public Library. The movie Still Alice will be shown this afternoon.

Everyone welcome!

2The Freshest You, on a Fresher Budget comes to the C-K Community Health Centre, 150 Richmond Street. T

he spring session runs for 4 Thursdays beginning May 21st from 3:30-5:30. learn simple cooking skills and how to cook healthy on a budget.

A free meal each week & leftovers to take home. Free recipe book is also provided. There is limited space, so register quick!

For more info or to register, call Jody at (519)397-5455 ext. 102.

3AnimalShelterAt last nights council meeting, the Animal Shelter Fundraising Committee announced the start of a $2 million campaign.

Donate through the website:

4.You know on YouTube, how there’s an ad at the beginning you can skip after five seconds? Well everyone skips them. That is why YouTube just announced a new feature called “TrueView for Shopping.”

It lets you actually buy the stuff that’s being advertised, without having to search for it in a different window. Basically, a button pops up that shows a photo of the product with the price. And if you click it, it automatically takes you to a page where you can buy it.

The idea is instead of staring at the timer counting down the five seconds, you’ll look at the ad, and be more likely to buy something.

5If you want to look younger in pictures, all you need to do is smile. A new study found that when people smiled in photos, people thought they were an average of two years younger.

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