June 22, 2015

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1 Summer is officially here and the Beach Bus is running again today. It runs Friday-Monday during the summer. Offers transportation between Chatham, Blenheim, Erieau and Mitchell’s Bay.

Check out the map for details.

2The Ford Fireworks happen tonight on the waterfront in Windsor.

3The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) just released a statement on why you sometimes get red, itchy, or burning eyes when you go swimming in a pool.

We all assumed for years that it was a reaction to the chlorine, right? Nope. It’s actually because of all the people peeing in the water.

It turns out that chlorine binds itself with the bacteria it’s trying to kill and that includes all the bacteria in your pee and your sweat. Those chemical bonds are irritants that can sting your eyes.

4.The SPCA in Los Angeles gave out their ‘Dog of the Year‘ award last week, to a cat.

The winner was a seven-year-old tabby named Tara, who saved a four-year-old kid in Bakersfield, California last year from a dog attack. The video of it went viral, so they broke tradition. It comes with a year’s worth of cat food.

5Kim Jong Un claims that North Korea has created a miracle vaccine that can treat Ebola, HIV, “a number of cancers,” and MERS. They did not provide any proof.

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