June 24, 2015

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1 The Chatham Concert Band kicks off their Summer season tonight at Tecumseh Park! Free shows every Wednesday during the Summer beginning at 7:30. Bring your lawn chair. Check out the website for more info.

2Google announced that Gmail will now have an Undo Send option. The feature will allow users to cancel a sent email if they have second thoughts immediately after it goes out.

The option has actually been in the works at Google for over six years. Those lucky enough to use Gmail Labs have been enjoying the freedom of email recall for some time, so it’s a pretty legendary move to make it available to the emailing masses. It isn’t set up automatically.

To turn on the feature, use the General tab in Gmail settings and click Enable Undo Send. You’ll also be able to choose the length of the cancellation period

3The creator of the pink plastic lawn flamingo has died. Donald Featherstone died Monday at an elder care facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, after a long battle with dementia. He was 79.

4.According to a new survey, 23% of kids aged five to 16 think playing video games with their friends is a form of exercise.

5Tom Brady‘s appeal of his NFL suspension related to deflate-gate started yesterday.

How many guys would love to have the first 4 NFL Sunday’s off? Stay home…watch tv…with Gisele…nope, not Tom.

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