July 22, 2015

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112YearsASlave_July22_HomeWeb Movie Night at the Capitol – Stop by to see 12 Years a Slave tonight at the St. Clair College Capitol Theatre (7pm)

$5 to get in or flash your pass. The snack bar will be open.


chathamconcertband2Free concert in the park with the Chatham Concert Band! Every Wednesday (during the Summer) in Tecumseh Park at 7:30. Tonight’s theme: The Sounds of Summer.

3Tom Moore died in Texas at the age of 86. Tom was the cartoonist for Archie Comics. Annual sales of the comic regularly surpassed half a million during the 1960’s.

4A guy named Nigel Richards from New Zealand won the official French Scrabble championship tournament in Belgium on Monday. Which is pretty impressive, since he doesn’t speak french!

Nigel has won a bunch of other Scrabble championships before, but they’ve always been in English.

He spent eight weeks memorizing the French dictionary before the competition. And while that wasn’t enough for him to learn how to speak or actually use the language, it was enough for him to win the tournament.

5A federal court has ruled that recording butt dials is legal. The court says a butt-dial call is comparable to leaving your blinds open. It’s not an invasion of your privacy for someone to look in.

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