July 9, 2015

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1Meghan Trainor has had to cancel her show in Detroit tonight due to a hemorrhage on her vocal cords.


  2 Learn to cook with cooking classes at the Adult Language and Learning Centre. The class is at 48 Fifth Street, Suite 310, from 10am-12pm.

  3 Minions opens in theatres tonight! See showtimes at Galaxy Cinemas here: http://www.cineplex.com/Showtimes/any-movie/galaxy-cinemas-chatham?Date=7/9/2015

  4.Taco Bell is now offering delivery. As of now the service is available in over 200 restaurants in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Dallas regions. No word on if or when it will be coming to Canada.




Donkey Kong was released on this day back in 1981.

Wanna play for free? Click this link! http://www.smashingarcade.org/donkeykong/#

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