New Movies this Weekend

Published On July 17, 2015 | By cmcleod | CK Mornings Online, Mornings

Two new movies this weekend at Chatham Galaxy Cinema.

Marvel’s Ant-Man (PG)
Paul Rudd plays a reformed thief who gets a suit that shrinks him and increases his strength.  Michael Douglas plays the guy who invented the suit, and Evangeline Lilly plays his daughter.

They train him to use it so he can stop the villain Yellowjacket from weaponizing the technology.

Stan Lee makes a cameo, since Ant-Man is another one of the characters he helped create.  Paul will play Ant-Man again in next year’s “Captain America: Civil War”, which they tease in a scene during the credits.

Trainwreck (18A)
Amy Schumer wrote and stars in a comedy about a woman trying to get over her fear of commitment, after she falls for a sports doctor played by Bill Hader.

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