March 17, 2017

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1Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
The Irish national holiday began as a ‘solemn religious observance’ to honor St Patrick (389-461 AD), patron saint of Ireland.

It’s a public holiday in Ireland, Montserrat, and the Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador. It was first celebrated in Canada in 1765 in Québec City QC.

Green is associated with “St Patrick’s Day” because it’s the color of Spring, Ireland, and the shamrock.

Since 1965, the Chicago River has been dyed green for the “Chicago St Patrick’s Parade”, an idea conceived when a plumber was observed using green dye to trace leaks from a building.

And remember, it’s St. Paddy’s not St. Patty’s.

Some Irish people reportedly dislike the term St. Patty’s, as the nickname is only applicable to Patricia — a woman’s name — and not a man, which St. Patrick was. St. Paddy’s is appropriate, however, because the alternative spelling is a nickname for Pádraig, a variant of Patrick.

Five Things - 2CK Animal Rescue is hosting a Giant Garage Sale tomorrow from 9-1 at the Bradley Centre (565 Richmond St., Chatham)

Five Things - 3McDonald’s posted an anti-Trump Tweet from their official account yesterday, and then they claimed they were hacked.

Kind of a bad way to repay a guy who once did a commercial for you.

Five Things - 4Researchers say getting a good night’s sleep is the equivalent of winning a $275,000 lottery jackpot.


Five Things - 5A fragrance company called Demeter just released a new scent that makes you smell like kittens.

It’s called “Kitten Fur,” and they describe the scent as, “the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort [from] just behind a kitten’s neck.”

A four-ounce bottle costs $40 at You can also get a sample for $3, a bottle of kitten-scented body wash for $20 or some kitten-scented lotion for $22.

If kittens aren’t your thing, their other scents include Popcorn, Giant Sequoia, New Baby and Gin and Tonic.

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