November 9, 2017

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1 The Pet and Wildlife Rescue will host a microchip clinic today at the Ten Seven Cafe & Lounge (595 St Clair St) from 4-7.

The cost is 20 dollars per animal, cash or cheque are accepted.

There will also be a draw at the end of the clinic for one free spay or neuter.

Five Things - 2You can lose one card from your wallet next year. Optimum and PC Plus will combine to form PC Optimum. All your points will be in one place beginning February 1st.

Shoppers Optimum points will be converted to PC Optimum points at their full value.

When the PC Optimum program launches, your points will automatically become PC Optimum points. Then, the next time you shop, the cashier will ask you to swap your existing Shoppers Optimum and/or PC Plus card for a PC Optimum card so you can continue to earn and spend your points.

Five Things - 3Barack Obama showed up for jury duty yesterday before being dismissed. He plans to donate his paycheck.

Five Things - 4Las Vegas started a new self-driving shuttle service yesterday that loops around the downtown area.

Rides are free. The shuttle seats eight with seatbelts and has the ability to immediately brake automatically or manually in case anything crosses its path.

Within the first hour, another driver already crashed into it.

Five Things - 5The Mascot Hall of Fame plans to induct the Nittany Lion, the Chicago Blackhawks’ mascot Tommy Hawk, the Chicago Bulls’ mascot Benny the Bull and the Kansas City Royals’ mascot Slugger.

The Mascot Hall of Fame will open in 2018 in Whiting, Indiana.

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