Charlie Bit Me!

Published On April 24, 2015 | By cmcleod | Uncategorized

If you’ve ever been on The YouTube, you’ve probably stumbled across the Charlie Bit Me video. It’s been watched over 817 million times since posted in 2007.

If you don’t count music videos, it’s the most popular viral video ever. 29 of the top 30 things on YouTube are music videos, and the Charlie Bit Me video is number 11. Gangnam Style is number one with 2.3 billion views.

Well now Charlie Davies-Carr is nine years old now and lives in England, his older brother Harry is 11 and neither of them get why people love it so much. They just did an interview with the BBC, and said their dad only posted it on YouTube, because the file was too big to email people. Have a look…


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