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January 13, 2023

By: Chris McLeod


5 Things You Need To Know

January 13th is the 13th day of the year. There are 352 days remaining until the end of the year.

The CKRecreation Play Rangers are in Wallaceburg on Saturday.

It’s a free no-registration required program at Wallaceburg Kinsmen Community Centre Gym from 1-3pm.

CKRecreation Play Rangers bring interactive games, toys, equipment and activities for children of all ages to enjoy!

The 20th Annual Toy Show and Sale is Sunday at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre.

Come and see: farm toys, trains, sports cards, trucks, construction, model ships, books, planes, cars, action figures, dolls, collectibles, coins, and more!

The show is open Sunday from 10-3. Adults are $5, students $2 and 6 and under is free. Proceeds to: Chatham-Kent 4-H Farm Toy Club and Chatham Outreach for Hunger.

Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is up to $1.35-billion US or $1.81 billion Canadian.

No one matched the six winning lottery numbers on Tuesday, elevating the jackpot to the new $1.35-billion total.

This is the lottery’s second-highest jackpot ever. The largest Mega Millions lottery winning was a $1.537-billion jackpot from 2018, which was claimed in South Carolina. In November 2022, a single Powerball ticket won the largest lottery prize ever seen in the U.S., a record-setting $2.04 billion.

The winner of tonights draw, should there be one, will have a choice between receiving the $1.35-billion jackpot in annuity payments or an immediate $707.9 million in cash.

Mega Millions lottery players do not need to be U.S. citizens or residents, meaning Canadians are welcome to purchase tickets.

The easiest way to get enter the Mega Millions draw is to buy a lottery ticket in the States yourself, or get an American friend or family member to purchase a ticket on your behalf. There are also numerous third-party services that claim to buy a ticket on your behalf, but beware of scams.

Oscar Mayer is recruiting the next class of drivers for its iconic Wienermobile.

Drivers, called ‘Hot Doggers’ will travel throughout the U.S. serving as an Oscar Mayer spokesperson at more than 200 events during the year.

The job offers a competitive salary, to see more check out the job posting.

Planters is hiring drivers for their Nutmobile.

The year-long job starts in June and requires drivers to drive the company’s 26 foot peanut on wheels. Planters is accepting applications until Valentine’s Day, they won’t say how much the job pays.

It’s Friday the 13th.

Considered the most unlucky day on the calendar in Western society. In Italy, Friday the 17th is considered a day of bad luck.

Friday the 13th happens at least once every year but can’t occur any more than three times in the same year. A Friday the 13th occurs during any month that begins on a Sunday.

In Ontario, motorcyclists head to Port Dover to celebrate. Typically, when a Friday the 13th lands in the summer months, the town can see up to 200,000 people arrive for the festivities.

There are two Friday the 13ths in 2023. Today and in October. In 2024 there are also two, the first comes on September 13, and the second is exactly 13 weeks later in December.

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