Things Jen Found On The Internet – September 14

By: Jen Marsh


Some Things You’ll Probably Forget, It’s Things Jen Found On The Internet

A family in the Philippines rescued a baby goat that was trapped in a pit. They took it home and cared for it, and the next day they helped reunite it with its mother.

CNN was interviewing some guy in suburban L.A. about his evacuation plans because of the wildfires. He talks about loading his musical equipment into his truck, and then sneaks in a plug for his band, Destiny Returns.

14-year-old golden retriever sneaks out of his house every day to visit his next-door neighbours.

Oliver has been visiting his neighbour Melissa and her family since the day they moved in, 9 years ago. He’s been described as a wandering old grandpa, making himself at home wherever he ends up visiting.

His owners haven’t been worried because at the end of the day he always goes back home.



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